Like a Sunflower

The Journey Begins

I want to invite you to a journey.

I dare you to travel to the craziest (and bestest) adventure ever.
The adventure of diving within yourself and finding the most unbelievable treasures and challenges.
I promise it’s worth it, trust me. I did this. I’ve been doing this.
But I’ll warn you:
Once you feel it, you won’t want to stop it.

This journey will start when you board to your next destination, when you feel the cold in your stomach of going to a place you’ve never been before. It doesn’t matter where it is but the farthest and different the merrier. The challenge will awake parts of you that you didn’t even know they were there. It will make you grow up even if you don’t want to.

The feeling of discovering a new country or city, a new culture, new language, food and new people… It all will come with a discovery of your tastes, preferences, perspectives, different points of views. Your personality will become clearer and problems will become smaller.
You may pass through some turbulence too, it can hurt, you can feel frustrated, angry, regret… But it is all part of the process, even the bad situations will make you learn and see something different.

And breath in, breath out.
Sometimes we just need to see things from the outside, sometimes we just need to learn with the world certain things that we needed to solve issues we couldn’t solve before. Sometimes we just need to live a little bit more to have a background that can help us deal with whatever comes.

Sometimes we just need to live more.

So now, if you feel something inside if you is changing and you need a push to make it happen and understand or you if feel like something inside of you needs to change. Or if you just want to go and learn more about the world and yourself.
Choose a destination. Go. Live.
And then tell me what you learned.
I’ll tell you what I’ve learned with my journeys in this blog and I want to learn with yours too.
Choose. A. Destination.
Let’s go.
The soul that opens to a new place never returns to its original size.

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